Conferences and academic talks

  • 4th International Conference on Sociality and Humanities – ICOSH2015, Tokyo, Japan, 30 – 31 December 2015, “A mobile automated intervention for depression”. (Oral Presentataion – Cezar Giosan, Phd)
  • 45th Annual EABCT Congress, Jerusalem, Israel, 31 August – 3 September, 2015, “The Scientific Status of Internet-Based Psychotherapy for Adult Depression: Time to Consider the Mechanisms of Change” (Oral Presentation – Oana Cobeanu, PhD)
  • 16th International Academic Conference, Amsterdam, Holland, 11-16 May 2015, “An online automated psychoterapeutic intervention”. (Oral Presentation – Vlad Muresan, PhD)
  • Dutch PHP Conference, Amsterdam, Holland, 25-27 June (Listener – Cezar Giosan, PhD)
  • 5th International Conference on Advances in Social Sciences (ICASS), Bangkok, Thailanda, 3-5 January, 2015 “Towards a Comprehensive Computerized Intervention for Depression” (Oral Presentation – Cezar Giosan, PhD)
  • International Conference on Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailanda, 30-31 December 2014 (Listener – Cezar Giosan, PhD)