Vlad Mureșan

vladDr. Muresan, Vlad (d.o.b. 29/01/1983)

Project-related professional experience

Dr. Muresan is a licensed psychologist and skilled therapist, who integrates technology in psychological interventions. Dr. Muresan’s Ph.D. dissertation, titled “E-REBT: An REBT-inspired web-based psychotherapy platform: efficacy, therapeutic relationship and mechanisms of change” (2013) was a Randomized Clinical Trial examining the efficacy of automated online delivery of psychotherapeutic interventions using avatars. The online tool tested in this trial was developed by Dr. Muresan.

Dr. Muresan has over 7 years of clinical experience in treating depression, anxiety and related problems. Dr. Muresan is a researcher and therapist in another clinical trial, examining the benefits of integrating evolutionary insights in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression.

Project-related achievements:

– Muresan, V., Montgomery, G. H., & David, D. (2012). Emotional Outcomes and Mechanisms of Change in Online Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions: A Quantitative Meta-Analysis of Clinical Controlled Studies. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 30:1–13, DOI:10.1080/15228835.2011.653290

Developed an automated online CBT psychotherapeutic intervention for the treatment of emotional problems. (www.psihoterapeutonline.ro). Dr. Muresan has demonstrated this tool’s efficacy in a controlled randomized trial.

– Developed a revised proof-of-concept of the original idea behind this proposal, which can be found at: http://demo.redpixel.ro/