Victor Olteanu

victor-olteanuMr. Olteanu, Victor (d.o.b. 4/07/1980)

Project-related professional experience

Mr. Olteanu (B.Sc Computer Sciences, University of Waterloo; Graduate Program towards M.Sc. in Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver) has more than 15 years of experience in software development and more 10 years of experience in web development, in both back-end, front-end, and server sides. He currently serves as a Senior Programmer for Cisco Systems in California, USA.

Mr. Olteanu has worked with Dr. Cezar Giosan, the P.I., on many software projects and, along with the P.I., he is the author of an early proof-of-concept which ultimately led to the main idea behind this proposal.

Mr. Olteanu has a history of predicting and adopting disruptive emerging technologies ahead of time, such as Rails, Javascript MVC, or Clojure. Mr. Olteanu has worked for large clients in the media industry, such as TIME or Hearst Corp., as well as for health and well-being sectors, such as Medidata Solutions Worldwide, Aidin, Anjna Patient Education, or Therapydia.

Project-related achievements:

– Programming and development of a Ruby-on-Rails-based proof-of-concept for a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tool (in collaboration with the P.I.)

– CityGrid Disrupt Prize at New York City AngelHack, 2012.

– Member, New York City Rails group, New York City Ember.JS Group