Torben Jenssen

torbenMr. Jenssen, Torben (d.o.b. 09/04/1975)

Project-related professional experience

Mr. Jenssen serves as the General Director of CoperioSenteret, an outpatient clinic in Trondheim, Norway, which specializes on the treatment of depression and other psychological ailments. Mr. Jenssen has a Master’s in Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has worked extensively on efficiency and documentation issues related to the use of psychometric tests in mental health settings. Mr. Jenssen has substantial expertise in statistical analyses and psychometrics, and has been involved in doctoral-level clinical research.

Project-related achievements:

– Mr. Jenssen led the development of an online assessment solution for clinical use (2007 – 2009), giving clinicians access to many psychometric instruments and online reporting. The project was partially funded by Innovation Norway and the solution is currently used by hospitals and clinics in Norway.