Stig Husby

stigMr. Husby, Stig (d.o.b. 30/10/1972)

Project-related professional experience

Mr. Husby currently serves as Chief Technology Officer with CheckWare. Mr. Husby has worked in the past 18 years in various positions within the IT Industry, from system development, software architecture, system security consulting to the management of international organizations. Mr. Husby is a serial entrepreneur, with 3 start-ups over the last 10 years. He is very skilled in software architectures and has extensive experience as a manager of software departments and companies delivering software. In the last four years Mr. Husby has been involved in the development of assessment solutions in the Health sectors in Norway and the UK.

Project-related achievements

– Lead system architect and development manager for the CheckWare Assessment Solution.

– Responsible for the software solution for data collection of several mid-scale Norwegian and international clinical and research projects, including an online program of self-treatment for depression, phobia and anxiety.

– Responsible for the software solutions used for data collection in an international multi-centre study with more than 20.000 respondents.

– Lead architect of The CheckWare Assessment Solution, which powered the winner of the Norwegian eHealth Award 2013 (the eCoping selftreatment program for depression, phobia and anxiety).