Oana David

oana-davidDr. David, Oana (d.o.b. 21/10/1981)

Project-related professional experience

Dr. David is currently a Senior Assistant Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at BBU, and executive director of the International Coaching Institute, Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, (BBU) Cluj-Napoca. Dr. David’s major research interests are devoted towards incorporating technology in evidence-based psychological interventions. Dr. David has hands-on experience in developing/deploying mental health web-based applications. Dr. David is the founding president of the International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, as well as a national representative in the European Foundation of Psychology (EFP), and the European Association for Research of Adolescence (EARA).

Project-related achievements:

– Developed and deployed two mobile/tabled-based mental health applications: The PsyPills and The MoodWheel apps (iOS based). Both are available for download from the Apple Store marketplace.

David, O. A. (2013). Prescriptive index: Development and validation of the Mood Wheel and Manager-Rational and Irrational Beliefs Scale. Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology 15(2), 41-50.

– Recipient of a key award (PN-II-PD) from the Romanian National Council for Scientific Research in 2011.