Frode Johnsen

frode3Johnsen, Frode (d.o.b. 23/03/1971)

Current position: Head of Delivery and Support at CheckWare.

Project-related professional experience:

Mr. Johnsen has held various positions in the IT Industry in the past 13 years, ranging from consulting to the management of delivery in international organizations. He has extensive experience as a project manager in IT projects, the last two years involving the implementation of assessment solutions in health sectors in Norway and the United Kingdom. Mr. Johnsen headed the implementation of electronic assessment solutions for several Norwegian Health trusts, such as the eCoping Self-Treatment Program for Depression, Phobia and Anxiety.

Project-related contributions:

– Implemented the CheckWare software solution for data collection of several mid-scale Norwegian and international clinical and research projects.

– Managed the implementation of an online program with self-treatment for depression, phobia and anxiety using the CheckWare solution.

– Implemented software solutions and coordinated a project for data collection in an international multi-centre study with more than 20.000 respondents using the CheckWare solution.

Prizes, distinctions, membership in prestigious international professional associations

– The CheckWare Assessment Solution powered the winner of the Norwegian eHealth Award 2013 (“The eCoping self-treatment program for depression, phobia and anxiety”) where Mr. Johnsen was the project manager.